“I am doing great and just wanted to give you a small update. I just started seeing this man, who so far seems pretty amazing. Most importantly, I wanted to share with you some details 🙂

Before our first date, I was a bundle of nerves. Before he arrived, I went into my room where I have a full length mirror. I danced with myself, sensually, as we did in our first session together, to get reconnected to my sexuality again. I cherished every aspect of my body and knew it could drive him wild. I did this again before our second date. It really makes a difference. I have used the breathing techniques that we went through and when it came to being intimate, I was scared and excited all at once. I chose not to have intercourse with him that night but I did enjoy everything he was doing and maybe more importantly for me, was that I felt like a sex kitten when I began to explore him. I have never had that much confidence when I was with a man! I felt so in control and sexy and beautiful and I have you to thank for that.

I treasure our sessions together as they really helped me grow out of a space I was ready to leave and into my new space. Anyway, thought you might enjoy the update…stay tuned for more fun. Loads more practice needed but a VERY successful first attempt after years of nothing.

All my gratitude to you my beautiful sister!”