“Since Level 1 I’ve been feeling powerful changes in my sense of being. A greater fullness, expansiveness, releasing and healing – and I know there’s more to be done. There’s several practices I’ve been doing to create more growth and change, and it’s all integral, but the work with you is so powerful because it’s so full-on action and experience, generating such intense energy – my heart’s pounding as I think about it. It’s nothing short of transformational. I’ve been passionately desiring to aconnect with this for some time, and now that’s it’s happening, I feel like my life is really coming to a new level: one that I’ve been dreaming of, intuiting, and feeling the deep, purposeful drive towards. It’s a greater awakening, and isn’t it incredible? I know you’ve both experienced this: how when you step into that new place of being and look back at your former self and realize how relatively asleep (or a lesser version of your fuller self) you had been, doing your best to allow and not judge of course, because it’s all unfolding in divine perfection. I admit I have thought how great it would have been if it had happened earlier, but who I am now and the experiences I’ve had leading up to this only benefit, deepen, and enrich my experience of it now and those to come. And it’s so much fun! 🙂 Fun and scary and adventurous and high voltage; a diving-into-the-new kind of fear or scariness – I love courageous acts like that: boldly stepping out of one’s comfort zone and beyond limitations. I feel like I’m starting to ramble. It’s not that I’ve never experienced something enlightening before (and why do I feel the need to be qualifying this anyway?), but this is so embodied. “Erotic Embodiment” (to quote two wonderful women I’ve had the privilege of connecting with) describes it beautifully.

In erotically embodied bliss and gratitude.”