“I learned a great deal during the workshop, and I expected to learn some new things about women as well as some new skills to make me a better lover. Extraordinarily one of you noticed in the last manual stimulation exercise of the day, that at some stage I had disconnected part of myself from the experience and she asked if I had noticed. (I was quite astounded, but perhaps that level of awareness/presence is just another day in the office for you both!). I realize now that in the last exercise there was something about the experience that made me uncomfortable with what I was feeling and I put up a wall. I now see that within my relationships, I am holding something of myself back in many of them. As I become more intimate with someone (lover or friend) and connect with them, at a certain point there is a boundary where I stop being fully connected in certain situations, and I hold something back. What’s interesting, is that this can only limit the potential intensity of connection, energy and experience with my partner (and is doing so). Now that I am aware of, and can recognize the change in, my internal presence/connection when it takes place, I will overcome it. An extraordinary experience, with extraordinary women, and an extraordinary realization has given me an extraordinarily wonderful start on this extraordinary journey to becoming an extraordinary lover.