“After our intensive, I have been trying to check-in with myself and see how I feel this week. I think I notice a little more swagger in my step … not like cocky, just feeling a little more complete.
Feeling a little more present…
… a little more like an adult
… a little less reserved
… a little more embodied
… more connected
… more at peace
… more seductive
… more playful
… more likable
… more powerful
… more capable
………………need I go on?

In the end, you’re right… the point of our coaching on Sunday was not to make it easier to get laid. Experiencing this kind of freedom is much better than getting laid. Soon those qualities will be the things that not only “get me laid”, but also attract and keep passionately satisfied business clients, and attract more rich and fulfilling friendships of all kinds, and lead to fulfillment like I haven’t experienced before. That’s what it’s all about, right?

The Intensive, and the other work and workshops we’ve done, have been a big component of a new presence and enlightenment for me. I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how blessed I feel to have found you and grow so much with your guidance. You have good reason to be so damn proud ($$) of your work. Thank you for pursuing your bliss and sharing your genius and your powerful gifts with me.

In Passion!”