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Control Ejaculation – Audio Download

With this ejaculation control audio download, you can finally learn to control ejaculation and master the staying power techniques used by thousands of good lovers through an easy and affordable audio download and take your sexual life and relationships to the next level. In this 2-part seminar, we offer immediate results by teaching you straightforward techniques that will make you the sexual performance skyrocket! There are 4 key aspects that make our approach to ejaculation control the most successful and lasting method:

  • Pleasure-focused – making it fun and exciting to learn
  • Body-based – for lasting change in your daily life
  • Research-proven – so you won’t be wasting your time
  • Non-Interruptive – helping your partner reach the heights of their sexual potential as well

Your Questions Answered

You will be invited to send it any questions you have prior to either of the calls so that we make sure all of your questions are directly addressed in the live presentation. Course Outline Prep: One week before the training we will send you an easy Ejaculation Control Self-Test.

Control Ejaculation Audio Download – Part 1

We will cover:

  • The 5 Foundational Techniques of ejaculation control
  • Understanding Your Self-Test
  • Practical, body-based approaches to learning the techniques
  • Your questions answered
  • Homework – Fun Individual Practices that produce lasting results

Control Ejaculation Audio Download – Part 2

We will cover:

  • Advanced Techniques of ejaculation control
  • Follow-up to week 1 homework
  • Beneath the Surface – addressing the deeper issues of staying power
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Homework – partner practices that produce lasting results


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