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Psychological Erectile Dysfunction – Audio Download

In this audio download class, you will understand the underlying causes of Psychological Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and learn the most effective approaches used by thousands of good lovers. Through an easy and affordable audio download, you can take your sexual life and relationships to the next level by understanding and directly addressing your erectile dysfunction. In this audio class, we offer exercises and guidance to help you become the master of your sexual performance. There are 4 key aspects that make our approach to erectile dysfunction the most successful and lasting method:

  • Pleasure-focused – making it fun and exciting to learn
  • Body-based – for lasting change in your daily life
  • Field-tested – so you won’t be wasting your time
  • Inclusive – helping your partner reach the heights of their sexual potential as well

This Audio Download Covers

  • The 3 Key Reasons for Psychological Erectile Dysfunction and how to shift them
  • Practical, body-based approaches to changing interruptive habits
  • Beneath the Surface: addressing erectile dysfunction when it is a functional response to a dysfunctional situation
  • Special topics including:
    • How to Talk with your partner about erectile dysfunction
    • Low Desire for Men
    • Erectile dysfunction and Stress
    • Enhance your Testosterone levels without drugs
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