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We just answered a message we found on a Men’s Health blog and wanted to share it with you.

Q: My wife and I want to spice things up, but she says she doesn’t have any fantasies she wants to fulfill. Is that possible?

A: We have found that women often freeze up in response to questions about fantasies. In answer to your question about how to spice up your sex life and find out more about women’s fantasies we’d like to offer you an excerpt from our upcoming book – Cockfidence – “Each woman has her own ideal seduction ‘movie’ – an assortment of thoughts about the kind of seduction that she wants to experience with her partner. Many women have daydreams about how they want their relationships with men to look, and what kinds of looks, words, acts, and gestures would fill their hearts and wet their pussies, but they often don’t identify these thoughts as fantasies because they are not overtly sexual. This is especially true for women whose ideal seduction fantasy is Romantic.”

Women’s fantasies of seduction generally fall into one or a combination of 3 categories – Romantic, Passionate, and Dominant – which we cover in depth in the upcoming book. To get a better answer to your question about your partner’s fantasy, try asking a woman what her perfect date would look like from beginning to end – this should give you plenty of hints into her ideal seduction.

Sure, our pussies change over our lifetime, but we certainly weren’t expecting these changes to feel soooooooooooo good! When we first became business partners neither one of us were G-spot girls; we had spent our childhood masturbatory explorations and our adult sexual experiences completely clit-focused. And then we discovered perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of female sexuality. Namely, the sensitivity of the G-spot and a woman’s potential for mind-blowing G-spot orgasm develops over time. Don’t get us wrong, clitoral orgasms are GREAT and we would never want to promote a hierarchy of orgasm, but we do want women to know that their orgasms can be both multi AND multi-dimensional. Over the past 3 years of G-spot exploration, both of our G-spots have grown larger and developed extraordinary sensitivity. And we’ve both learned to ejaculate, sometimes with and sometimes without orgasm. The clit at times can feel like a fuse, you might need it to light up, but eventually you get to the BOMB – explosive internal orgasms that shoot through your body and make you scream. And, you can add another dimension by accessing the G-spot anally, or by giving the cervix stimulation as well. The more dimensions, the more intensity and the more you will want. We don’t want any woman to miss out on her potential to be as big sexually and emotionally as she can be!

We don’t know about you boys, but we can tell you one game many of us girls played as young folks was a game called Dress Up. Playing Dress Up meant donning our favorite fairy princess dress or sequined tutu, adding a little imagination and we were in for hours of entertainment. As sex and intimacy coaches, we always say, “Sex is where adults go to play”. Why not use the summer warmth of June as inspiration to play your own adult game of Dress Up? Dress Up can have many meanings, everything from brushing off that tux and evening gown and having a romantic candle-lit dinner at home, to remembering the joys of playing doctor, except this time you can go get yourself a lab coat, some black vinyl gloves and a thermometer and keep track as temperatures rise. What did you always want to be when you grew up? A fireman? A flight attendant? An astronaut? It’s not too late, at least not the in bedroom. Find yourself a fireman’s hat and you are half-way there. If you are lucky, the hat’s all you’ll need! If your coupled, play with a partner. If you are single, try dressing up and trying out a new persona out in the world – you may find a whole new sense of confidence!