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In the 5th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment, Celeste and Danielle give foreplay tips and ideas for women and their partners, and talk about all the fun and pleasure you can have warming up. Because after all – foreplay is an integral part of sex, seduction is key, and taking charge of it yourself is an important element of female erotic empowerment.


(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)


The Secret How to be a Great Lover to Your Partner

Danielle:  So, today we’re going to talk to you about all the pleasure you can have.

Celeste: I think when you really get into your erotic empowerment, you want it all. And I think it’s good to want it all. Stop apologizing. Saying, “Oh, I take a long time to warm up,”or, “It seems like I need this, and this, and this, to get off.”

So, I’m going to tell you a secret about what we do. I wanna start by just saying – a lot of times, we trick women. What we say is, “We’re gonna teach you how to be a great lover to your partner.” And then when they come in, we say, “You know what would make you a great lover to your partner?”

Danielle:  If you get into your own arousal, and your own sexuality. They’re gonna love it. They won’t get enough of you.

Celeste: Cause what really turns people on is to feel authentic desire coming their way. If you’re trying to give to somebody else, but you’re not even feeling what you want, and you’re not asking for what you want – I think, especially if you’re partner is a man. What he wants is a woman who is just really excited, and turned on, and wanting sex. For herself, on her own terms. As opposed to doing it out of obligation, because your partner wants it. Which is so boring and depressing.

Danielle: It is! I do have clients and friends that tell me, “Oh, I put it on my calendar.” I said, “Okay, that’s not a bad beginning.” But how did we get there? It’s really hard to get from obligation to arousal.


Seduction is Key

Celeste:  Yeah, there’s nothing sexy about obligation. What is sexy is really finding out all of the ways you can experience pleasure in your body, and in your psyche. I think for women, a lot of what turns us on the most is the build up. Seduction! Both the seduction in our brain, and the seduction in our body. Because we want all of that – light, tender touch, mixed with grabbing and holding. We also want to hear – and this is hard especially for men – all about how amazing we are. How sexy we are. And how much we’re wanted.

Danielle:  And how beautiful we are.

Celeste:  That’s something women don’t feel like they can ask for. When somebody says, “What do you want sexually?” We think we need tell them about how to touch our clit properly. Which is a really good think to tell people and very few people know how to do it very well.

I’m always, “Oh, we’re going to give you the lesson on that in a little while. Let’s start with how I need you to look at me. Then what I want you to say to me.”

Danielle:  I personally cannot orgasm without my partner telling me something that turns me on verbally. Otherwise, nothing brings me over the edge.

Celeste: So we need that psychological arousal.  And we need good touch, and good physiological arousal. We need people not go grabbing our boobs, and rubbing our clit really hard in the first five minutes of sex.

Danielle:  For me it would be the first forty-five minutes of sex.

Celeste: We need to really get in touch with how we have our orgasm. Once our body has warmed up, and we’ve been kissed, and bitten, and licked in all the right places. What kind of orgasms can we have? How do we learn about that in our own body?

In the next video, we’ll talk about all the different ways we can get to our orgasm. And bring your vibrator everywhere you go!


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Why are women often so horny before their period? In the 4th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment, Celeste and Danielle teach you how to acknowledge the tiger in the cage who wants sex, how to stay immersed in the desire, and prioritize it. They talk about how you can act on the cues your body gives to connect with your arousal, and go after what you want.



(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)


Acknowledging the Horny Tiger in The Cage

Celeste:  I know at the beginning of my month, at the moment I start bleeding, I feel like a tiger in a cage. If I don’t get sex, I’m just clawing, and things are going to go poorly for everyone around me.

Danielle:  For me, actually, this horniness, is a sign I’m going to get my period tomorrow. The night before, I get so horny, I literally feel like the tiger in a cage. I’m climbing walls, that’s how much I wanna have sex.

Celeste:  I don’t think that women talk to each other about horniness. It’s like we think that that’s men purview. Men are the ones who say “I can’t wait to have sex” – but I think we feel that way a lot. A lot of women don’t even acknowledge that that’s what the feeling is. And maybe they just get frustrated, or eat, or do something else. They just kind of sublimate that desire, instead of asking, “Where am I gonna get my sex from?”

I love my vibrator, but I wanna have sex. I need something inside of me.

Danielle: The truth is that at that time of the months, we have different needs for different kinds of stimulation. Such as deeper stimulation – as opposed to clitoral stimulation.


How To Claim Your Sexual Energy and Desire

Celeste:  But what do we do with this tiger energy? That’s the part that I really think is a big step in women’s sexual empowerment. To claim that desirous energy for themselves.

Danielle:  I think it’s not so much about whether you want to have sex all the time. It’s really about honoring the times that you do wanna have sex, and giving yourself permission to feel it and claim it.

Celeste:  I wanna say something about being a woman who wants to have sex all the time. I have felt a little alienated with other women. Kind of misunderstood and weird. I used to hide that, but now I just tell everyone all the time. It’s all I wanna talk about – sex. And my best friends are the ones who wanna hear about it.

It’s a very deep, exciting part of who I am in my life. And I do feel like – for women and men – that is not something that’s celebrated. It’s thought of as trivial or sort of “extra”. Like you have to do all of the other things first – and then you go after sex.

Danielle:  Like it’s the last thing on the list.

Celeste:  For me it is like, if I wait and put sex as the last thing on my list, I’m a miserable human being.

Danielle:  There is no list for you. :: laughs ::


Let Yourself Say You Want Sex

Celeste:  I swear – I feel there would be way less anti-depressants in the world for women. I feel like there would be way less frustration and anger in relationships if women just started to say “Maybe this feeling inside of me, this intensity, means that I want to fuck”.

Danielle:  You can try the sentence: “I want to fuck.”

Celeste:  I don’t think women say that very often. Or at all.

Danielle:  It’s not “nice” to say something like that.

Celeste:  Women are supposed to be nice. Didn’t they say well behaved women rarely make history?

Danielle: That’s correct.

Celeste:  Our sex life is a place that we have been taught to behave. I think that dampens down – again – our erotic power in every area of our lives.

Danielle: So we want to invite you to notice those differences in your arousal. Sometimes you might feel like openness throughout you, and more like a spreading sensation. And sometimes you’re gonna feel very focused, like a hunter who says: “I wanna have sex now.”

Just start to recognize those differences and let yourself have it. Let yourself say what you want.

Celeste:  Women have the potential for endless pleasure, and it is the best kept secret. And we’re gonna tell you how to get it.


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PMS mood swings – what do you do with all the information these feelings offer us women during that time of the month? And how does it relate to pussy power?

Celeste & Danielle tell you all about it in the 3rd episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment.


(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)

The Core of PMS Mood Swings

Celeste:  So today we’re going to talk about PMS and how it relates to Pussy Power. Why?

Danielle: Because … Celeste is PMSing!

Celeste:  Totally PMSing! My brain is not working, and I’m grumbly and pissed off. I think in our society, we have this feeling like this (PMS) is something wrong with us that we’re supposed to hide. We’re supposed to pretend this doesn’t happen. But I think it’s part of our pussy power.

If we listen! And don’t ignore it, or don’t beat ourselves up for fact that we have emotions. Because women have emotions, men have emotions, everyone has emotions! I think one of the lucky things for women in general is that we are less oppressed and repressed around our emotions than men.

But the question is – how do we embrace our full emotional self at all times?


The Rollercoaster of PMS Emotions

Danielle:  Many times, women feel very rageful in their PMS, or sad, or confused. When I have my PMS, I have this special sentence that says “I have no friends”. That’s for me the key that I probably have PMS. I say it usually while talking on the phone with Celeste… “I have NO friends! It’s horrible!”

Celeste: And I’m feeling either like “I hate everyone” or “I love everyone.”

Danielle:  When I’m PSMing, everything goes out the window. We kinda become a different part of ourselves that we don’t know.

But if we embrace it, it can really help us see “What is the knowledge we get out of it?” And – how we can reconnect with this part instead of trying to reject it? Because it’s showing up anyway – so …


Sorting out Your Feelings

Celeste: It is good to sort it out. It is a part of ourselves.  We do get it every month – for 30 years. I think the sorting we need to do is … we need to say “Okay, whatever I’m feeling – emotionally – it’s exaggerated at this time of the month.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

It might be leading us to a sense of “What is it that we really need? And what needs to change in our life?” So I think it’s so serious. But we also don’t have to manage it.

Danielle: And it’s ok if you sometimes in the month feel like, “oh, I have no friends.” Call your friends! Make sure you have them.

Sometimes it’s just a call for action to find that people love you. You always need more love in your life. You need more reassurance, you need more care.

Celeste: And usually when I am on my period, or when I’m PMSing, instead of saying to them “I need more care” or “I need someone to hold me (while I cry for seemingly no reason), we say “You’ve done all those horrible things to me. How could you?”

And then the people who we need the most are feeling pushed away. They’re terrified, in the corner of the house, shaking, saying “Maybe it’ll be over soon.”


How Do We Honor Our PMS Mood Swings?

Celeste:  So if we honor our period, we can instead think: “Okay, how do I become most empowered in this time of the month?” (As opposed to just letting it take over, and getting upset with everyone else.)

We should think, “What am I probably gonna need at this time?” Not – “Maybe it’s never gonna happen again.”

It can be helpful to even just write down a list – to know what you need when you’re in that phase of your month. Also, it takes a village to take care of any human being. So think about who can you call in your village to help take care of you at that moment.

Whether you need cuddles, or need to be able to cry for no reason. Also, there’s so much shame around just crying for “no reason”. Maybe the reason we cry at that time is because it’s healthy to move emotions through our body. We need a time of release.

Because if we don’t feel and move the emotions through our bodies, we disconnect from our pussy. It can get in the way of our pussy power. And nothing must get in the way of our pussy power!


In the next video, we’re gonna talk to you about how to stay connected with your pussy power – before your period, while you’re in PMS, or in different times of the month.

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The quickest path to awaken your sexual power starts with some sexy breathing exercises. They will help connect you to your body, and make you feel alive and ready for pleasure.

Let sex coaches Celeste & Danielle guide you in learning how to breathe and tap into your sexual energy with the 2nd Episode in their 9-video series on female and sexual empowerment. 


(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)


Why Focused, Sexy Breathing is so Powerful

Celeste: Now it’s time to talk about pussy (sexual) power – and how to get there. And the quickest road to pussy power is breath.

We always say “Pussy is the oracle”. She tells us everything we want in our lives. In order to get in touch with your oracle, you have to breathe all the way down.

Breath helps me in every moment of my life. Mostly because I have anxiety sometimes. And sometimes I just feel a little discombobulated. I want to always come back to myself, and to my inner knowledge, my pussy power, and taking a few deep breaths.

It’s not like you have to spend hours meditating. I don’t like to bring a bunch of guilt into all of this. You can breathe with your pussy when you’re driving in the car. And suddenly it’s like “oh yeah, I remember who I am. I remember what I want.”


How to Use Breath to Tap Into Your Sexual Power – An Exercise

Danielle:  And I like to breathe because it’s essential – but I really love to breathe because it helps me center myself and connect.

I’m gonna invite you to close your eyes. Start breathing through your mouth. Take a breath into your chest. And the next breath into your stomach. You can also put your hand on your belly to feel your breath.

And with the next breath – bring it all the way down to your pelvic floor. Let yourself feel your pelvic floor. Stretch when you inhale, and relax back when you exhale.

With the next breath, imagine the breath like an inner masseuse, sliding in and really like helping you have more room in your body.

Then bring the breath all the way down to your pelvic floor again. When it hits your pelvic floor, give it a nice little squeeze. Then push the breath back up. So inhale and squeeze your pelvic floor – as if you tried to stop yourself from peeing. Inhale. Squeeze. Exhale.

Let’s take a few deeper breaths, and maybe even faster. Inhale – squeeze – and exhale. And then squeeze and hold everything. And when you can’t hold anymore, just let go.

Lastly – stay in your body and feel the sensations.


The Feeling of Pussy Power

Danielle: You might not be feeling anything, if that’s the first time that you are doing it, and that’s totally fine. You might feel a beginning of warmth in your pussy, in your belly, in your chest.

Celeste:  I generally feel so much energy flushing through my body. Suddenly my brain works better, and I feel like I can take on the world right now.

Danielle:  The world is brighter. The flowers are more beautiful.

Celeste: It’s part of women’s erotic empowerment to really feel connected to your pussy.


In our next video, we’re gonna talk about PMS, and how it relates to pussy power. Stay tuned!

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Women have long been robbed of their erotic power. But can reclaiming your sexual empowerment help you in daily life?

To address this and other women’s issues, we made a 9-video series, talking about everything from erotic empowerment, PMS, and foreplay tips, to how to have the best orgasms and do anal pleasure right.

In this first video, we teach how to connect to your body and harness your sexual energy to feel strong, empowered, and get what you want – in life, in bed, and at work.



(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)


Why Women are Not Sexually Empowered

Celeste: To be a successful woman in the world, you have to be erotically empowered.

I want to start out by saying that women have been robbed of their sexual power in the world. We have been told that sex is dangerous, that there’s something wrong with us if we want sex. We have been slut shamed left and right when we do show ourselves as sexual beings. And that takes away our power in every area of our lives.

If you want to be a successful career woman, if you want to be a successful mother, if you want to be a great friend, and especially if you want to be an amazing lover and partner – you have to find this part of yourself.


Danielle: You might sound completely unheard, or weird, or think … how are these two things are related to each other. How come your empowerment in the world is related to your sexual empowerment?

The truth is that everything – your knowledge, your intuition, your ability to find what you want – is settled in your pelvis and in your gut. And if we are walking in the world, just thinking and saying “oh I think I want that”, we don’t have anything to ground it or to base it off.


What is Erotic Empowerment?

Celeste: So – what is women’s erotic empowerment?

I think you were making a really good point. You have to be in your body in order to be erotically empowered. You have to feel your desire on a deep embodied level.

But also I think it really means knowing what you want as a woman. And not just in general, in the world, or in your career. But knowing what you want sexually, as a woman. And being completely unashamed about it. Also being willing to go out and get it for yourself. Not just wait for it to come to you.

Because that’s what we’re taught. We’re thinking: “You know, maybe, some man out there is going to teach us about our sexuality. Or maybe some woman is going to come out and teach us about our sexuality.” But it’s never like: “I’m gonna figure out who I am in this realm, and what I want.”


How to Connect to your Sexual Power

Danielle: I don’t think it’s very obvious for people – how sexuality is the thing that makes them empowered. For women, I think it’s a missing link there.

They look at sex as such a compartment in their life. These are things that you do in the bedroom. With one person, who is the love of your life. And women are not taught to feel: “Oh, this is the thing that wakes me up in the morning. And this is the thing that puts a stride in my walk because I feel my pelvis, and I feel my sexual energy.

I think this link is really important to make. Because when you know what you want sexually, and you feel that that is your right, and it’s something that feels good and feeds you, and you feel like “Mmmm I want that” – then you feel comfortable asking for what you want.

Feeling along the ripples of pleasure in your body, you start to walk differently in the world, feel your selfness. You walk around and you feel your hips moving. You feel like your sexual energy is spreading throughout and coursing through your body. And then everything starts to feel brighter. You see the sunshine, you see leaves, you see people, you see children. You feel feelings. It’s worth trying.


The Benefits of Sexual Empowerment

Celeste: And you feel connected, right? You feel connected to yourself. And that helps you connect to all of the people that you love in the world.

I know we think of sex as this taboo thing that’s supposed to be separate. It’s kind of cast aside in our society. But it’s also part of our aliveness. It’s not just what we do in the bedroom. It’s who we are as beings. And when we’re strutting around in energy, and going after what we want, I think people really feel it. And they respect us more as humans when they don’t see us hiding our desire, or hiding who we are in that realm.

Now that you realize why it’s worth your time to be erotically empowered, we’re going to teach you how to get into your pussy power!


Join us soon for Episode 2 of the series: How to Awaken Your Sexual Power as a Woman.

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