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While conservatives often deny their need for sexual variety, it  turns out that the states that are full of folks claiming  “I have old-fashioned values about family and marriage” are the same states that purchase the most porn. New research published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives shows that those states whose residents vote more conservatively and support such statements as “AIDS might be God’s punishment for immoral sexual behavior” actually purchase slightly more porn than more liberally voting states. Sex is one of our most basic and natural drives, and sexual repression and sex negativity sends our desires underground where they are bound to come out many ways. In light of this recent research, we want to reach out to everyone, regardless of your values, your politics or your sexual practices; we are here to support you in embracing your sexual desire and finding your fullest, most healthy expression of it.

Rarely do we get the joy of reviewing something as intriguing and different as queer porn, so we were excited about the opportunity to watch and comment on Reel Queer’s Seven Minutes in Heaven by Courtney Trouble. While it was unique, sexy and exciting with a stellar musical score, it was a little low on inspiration and intensity.

Carson was the highlight in front of the camera – her smoldering sultriness came across well on camera and it’s pretty hard not to have a crush on her. The actors were quite openly enthusiastic about having their woman-to-women and queer encounters, and the confessionals before the action were some of the most entertaining moments.  The stars had very sexy, queer-next-door looks, and were enchanting and diverse. The range of body-types was VERY refreshing and there was some fun, gender-bending costuming.

The downside was that many of the scenes lacked the kind of sexual intensity that smoldered behind Carson’s eyes. While we appreciate the attempt to expand the genre of porn, Seven Minutes in Heaven felt more like a crossover film done in much the same style as typical porn, catering to a larger audience that needs more genitals than passion or creativity. The best scene by far was the final gangbang scene, which did show passion, creativity and intensity and the women really laid it all out there – pun quite intended – for us to experience and enjoy.

OVERALL: An above-average porn film in and a great queer film to boot.


  • Genuinely queer, genuinely hot, genuinely enthusiastic women.
  • A few stars that really know how to steam up your screen.
  • Great musical score
  • A fantastic final scene.


  • Low sexual intensity and creativity in some scenes.