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With everyone reading 50 Shades of Grey these days, it may have you wondering what you can do to turn up the heat in your bedroom. Or maybe the steamy page turning tales of Ana and Christian’s BDSM aren’t really your thing. No matter where your preferences fall,there’s always room for improvement and change and you can achieve that by making the smallest tweaks in your sheet routine.

Adding props into your sexual play is the easiest way to change things up. If you want to make it easy and more spontaneous feeling, you can use items from around the house. Ice for trailing along each other’s bodies, wooden spoons for paddling, scarves for blindfolding and tying up, assorted foods for licking off and getting off. Just use your imagination and you’ll find all sorts of double uses of things you already own. Plus, when you see them innocently laying around later, you’ll be instantly be taken back to a more sensual mindset.

If you’re not interested in using household products, try adding in a cockring or handcuffs. They’re both small additions that can make a huge a difference. If you haven’t really explored with lube before, be sure to grab a bottle or three. There are so many different kinds–warming, couples, flavored, water-based, silicone-based–it’s worth it to just try them all out to see what you like. Adam and Eve has a great selection of all of these toys and more.

Another way to spice up your sack sessions is to engage in role playing. However, while it is fun, it’s not meant for spontaneity, you have to actually plan this one out. Role playing can be a great way to pull you out of a rut or to make things interesting again if you’ve simply been with someone for a long time. If you want to ease into it, just start by wearing a wig and sexy lingerie. A simple hair make over can change things up enough to leave you feeling sexually recharged. If you really want to go for it, you can go for the tried and true like, teacher and student, doctor and patient, poolboy and housewife, or you could come up with more creative options like debt collector and poor housewife…or whatever. It’s up to your imagination and the depth of your fantasies.

Even if you’re not bored or lacking the spice, changing it up, constantly reinventing yourself and your sexual approach are great ways to keep your relationship strong and invigorated. So when you go to bed tonight grab some ice from the freezer and head for the sheets as someone else. Your partner won’t know what hit them.

We have invited Jamie Platt, a sex toy expert from TheAdultToyShoppe.com, to give us some of fabulous ideas about vibrators. Here’s the news!

Ask many women and they will all agree that good sex becomes great sex when you have a little helper at hand. The use of sex toys is becoming more and more popular as couples experience how incredible it feels to share this naughty pleasure.

The first suggestion I always make when a couple is looking for a first-time toy is a bullet vibrator (Celeste & Danielle tell me they also love the Mystic Wand). Many women require both internal and external stimulation to climax, if you have a one of these tiny miracle devices you can engage in your favorite sexual position or your partner can use their hand inside and, simply by holding the bullet over the clitoris during intercourse or manual G-Spot simulation, you can really increase your pleasure and your orgasmic potential. When you make eye contact during the great orgasms you can have playing with your toy, it’s that hot passionate glance that will have you falling into the perfect fantasy reminiscent of an erotica novel!

Sex toys are not limited to a bullet vibrator or a mystic wand however there are many other styles that couples enjoy. The selection available can be quite overwhelming for some first time shoppers and many women fear that their man will be intimidated by bringing a sex toy into their lovemaking. It can be true as some men have a sensitive ego so to prevent this, I suggest that you shop together online for something that appeals to you both.

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to know what you want to bring into the bedroom. If you look at vibrators for example, there are at least a dozen different styles. Read an adult pleasure product guide from TheAdultToyShop.com to educate yourself on the different styles of sex toys to determine which will best be incorporated into your routine. There are a hundred different styles for a hundred different personality types and if you’re matched with the correct item, sex will never be the same ever again!

They call them “toys” for a reason, it’s for playing with, experimenting and being kinky. Make sure to have a sense of humor and approach it with an open mind because trying new things is a sure fire way to enhance the spark in your relationship and to make sex very memorable.

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This year for the holidays we thought we’d share our list of essentials when it comes to adult toys. We made a list and checked it twice and here the must-haves both naughty and nice (If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, all of these are available at Good Vibes):

  • The Hitachi Magic Wand – if you like a lot of stimulation and don’t mind a plug-in the Magic Wand rarely fails to please. For something a bit lighter, battery-operated and with a larger variety of settings, you might also like the Mystic Wand.
  • A Massage Candle – these amazing items burn like candles but act like oil so you can enjoy a lovely hot-oil massage by candle-light.
  • A big, pump-bottle of Liquid Silk lube (compatible with condoms) – lube is a must-have and, after extensive personal research, we have found the wettest, loveliest lube around. The pump bottle is essential, no mess and no caps to unscrew.
  • An Ostrich Feather – or any other types of ticklers, teasers and skin pleasers from scarves to back scratchers should be kept near the bed.
  • A Fun Wand Metal Dildo – for internal adventures, we highly recommend these visually stunning and lovingly crafted metal toys. Try warming them up under hot water first if the weather is cold and get creative!

One basic you can’t get at Good Vibes but men shouldn’t do without (you can get it on Amazon):

  • Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel – for personal pleasure try this massage gel. It’s slippery without being drippy and so much fun (not compatible with condoms).

Happy Holidays – Celeste & Danielle

I (Celeste) recently became a Brand Ambassador for Good Vibes. “What is that?” you ask. It means that once a month, GV sends me a brand new toy and I have the backbreaking task of reviewing it. I know, my life sucks, right? This month, it was a Blue G-Twist from Good Vibrations, which appears to come in 5 other delectable colors as well. Appearance-wise it is only attractive if you have a particular affinity for the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, though the G-Twist is six inches and, if memory serves, the Caterpillar was “exactly 3 inches tall”. At first I was skeptical since I have always preferred finger-thrusting across my g-spot which generally likes lots of pressure. Amazingly, however, since my G-spot continues to get more and more sensitive (I used to be a clit girl but now so many of my orgasms are combination orgasms originating in my G-spot), using a vibrator for my G-spot was very pleasurable, and, with some clitoral stimulation at the same time, I had some wonderful orgasms. One of the more lovely surprises my new little blue friend offered was when I rotated it inside my pussy so that the curved end was pointed down towards my asshole. This in combination with some clitoral stimulation was definitely orgasmic. I tried the vibration on my cervix, but it is a little wide at the base to put that far in and the vibration on my cervix was a bit too much. Of course, having been a clit girl for so long, I had to try it on my clit. Because of the soft, thick material that is used, it is a pretty light vibration. If you are used to the Magic Wand like I am it might not be strong enough, though I managed to get it to do the trick. The only real problems I had with it was that the dial controlling the speed is round so, unless you are paying close attention you can go right passed the high speed and back down to low again. Overall, I’d say if you are already a G-spot girl or you like or want to experiment with some anal vibration, this would be a great toy for you. If you aren’t a G-spot girl yet, it’s never too late! Give us a call and we’ll help you locate and learn how to develop her!