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“I don’t know who you are, but that strap-on you’re wearing … mmm… just WORKS for you,” I said to her, walking up to her slowly and looking into her eyes. “Oh, thank you,” she replied playfully, “Would you like a kiss?”

We made out for a bit. “Unfortunately, I have to move on,” she pouted her delicious lips and said, pointing to a group of people beckoning to her. Wiggling her shapely ass at me, she asked, “One for the road?” Since she asked nicely, I obliged.

This was such a different play party experience for me

In the past, play parties have been a stressful place. I’ve been the guy who creepily hangs out in a corner looking sad and pathetic because he’s all alone and doesn’t know what to do while everyone else around him is having a great time. I’ve been the guy who has tons of great conversations with women, only to have them fizzle out to a friendly, awkward sputter. I’ve been the guy who’s been rejected many, many times by women who are “only here to watch”, only to watch them 10 minutes later in the throes of passion with another guy.

In short, play parties are like real life – a microcosm of everything that happens in sex, dating, and relationships out there, but at warp speed and on steroids.

Frustrated with the constant rejection and stress that play parties entail, I stopped going to them for over a year. However, as I’ve been working on becoming a sex and relationship coach via the Somatica Training and learning all of the tools that they also teach in their Cockfidence workshop and so my curiosity was aroused. Would I be able to navigate a play party better with all of my new skills? I decided to try it out.

The party was a gorgeous home with a great view, a backyard with a large pool, and hot tub. The centerpiece of the living room was a lovely, bright red set of aerial silks hung from a hook in the ceiling. Several rooms upstairs and downstairs were converted to play spaces. It was a bright, sunny day and everyone was in a good mood.

I arrived a bit early and offered to help with setup. This helped me calm my own nerves down and get to know the hosts and organizers a bit. As more people gathered, I mingled and made friends. I was genuinely interested in who these people were and what drew them here.

Embodiment and being connected to my cock

As I started walking around, I felt a lot more embodied and connected to my desire and my cock. This is part of what Cockfidence is all about. Most of us guys live in our heads. We spend all of our time analyzing and performing, and very little time just being. This might sound a little bit woo-woo and abstract, but it has real consequences. When we meet women, we end up expressing our desire unnaturally and inauthentically. We are constantly thinking about putting on the right performance, trying to be seductive while worrying about doing things right, saying the right line, not being perceived as a creep or a perpetrator, trying to be nice.

News flash: the very effort we put on to not appear creepy is often the very thing that others perceive as creepy in the first place! Creepy is what sometimes happens when there is a disconnect between the different signals we give out. For example, there is a gorgeous woman in front of me that I really, really desire, but in my head, I’m going, “I need to play it cool and nice. Girls don’t like guys who just want sex. I need to show her I’m friendly.” As a result, the vibe I give out is a weird mishmash of desire and shame; creepy some of the time, not sexy all of the time.

During Somatica, we went through many different exercises in connecting with our own body and desire. I learned that being connected to my cock doesn’t mean I have to walk around with a massive hard-on all the time. It means that I can access, and I’m comfortable with my sexual desire. This means that I control better how I reveal it. That desire and the control over the desire is very sexy for women.

Cockfidence is a big mindset shift. being connected and embodied helps me access and express desire better, be more playful, and have an attitude of abundance instead of scarcity. But mindset is not all. A man also needs to have some real skills.

Feather touch: a gateway drug

A couple of years ago, touching a woman felt like an intractable mystery. “It’s too hard!” “You’re tickling me!”. It felt like constant guesswork to figure out what kind of touch a woman wanted. Somatica teaches a number of different sexy touches, and especially the importance of starting with feather touch, or light caressing and escalating from there. During the party, I ran into a really cute redhead. We started talking, and (after asking) I started caressing her arm. Her response? “Well, if you’re going to touch me like THAT, we need to find a better location and I need to take some clothes off!” The light caressing warmed her up and pretty soon, we were in the throes of a really passionate, sexy time.

Feather touch is a superpower. It’s a safe, sensual touch that most women enjoy immensely. It builds trust, and not a lot of men have mastered it. Learn it well, young padawan, and the force will be with you.

To gain Cockfidence you need to you need to learn not only feather touch but holding touch as well as different kinds of sexual attitudes, ranging from very tender and romantic to very passionate and dominant. It helps when a man has all of these tools in his repertoire.

If I did it, so can you…

Play parties can be terrifying if you’re new to them. As a guy, going by yourself can bring up lots and lots of issues: past rejection, shame, fear of being a perpetrator, fear of being creepy. However, it’s also possible with a little bit of work to learn how to have a really fun time, make awesome friends, be playful, and even have some really great sex. Somatica definitely helped me get into the Cockfidence mindset, and I look forward to lots more fun parties in the future.


  • Raj is a professional photographer and a student in this year’s Somatica Training. He is planning to start his own practice as a Sex and Relationship Coach when he graduates!

You can read here what one study found.

If we were to hazard a guess, we would say that about 90% of women don’t find penis size to be that important. The other 10% of women, the ones we lovingly call “size queens,” are women who need a larger size penis in order to have their best orgasms. We can’t believe that people still call non-clitoral orgasms vaginal orgasms, but they do in this article. We just want to remind you that what they call “vaginal orgasms,” we know are G-spot or cervical orgasms.

The 10%

You are G-spot oriented ladies – and you know who you are – often get more pleasure if your man has some girth (it’s nice and wide). Length, on the other hand is for you ladies who get off from your cervix. A penis can also be too big – some women have very sensitive cervices and too much pressure on them can be painful, while other women have small vaginas and can’t take an overly long or thick penis.

The 90%

Much more important than penis size, most women want to feel something emotionally from sex. We look for intense erotic energy, feeling our partner’s desire, and being passionately seduced. We want someone who is present and attentive with good technique across the board much more than just having a large penis moving in and out. If you are looking to improve your sex life, before you fall for any phony enlargement tools, find out how to be an emotionally present, powerful, and confident lover who gives great touch! Find your Cockfidence!

Sensuality is an approach to sexual connection that utilizes all the senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Sensuality is indicated by a willingness to go slow, give varied touch, and enjoy the stimulation of all of your and your partner’s senses in a sexual experience. It is predicated on the ability to focus on each delectable moment of a sexual interaction and to let go of orgasm as the only or ultimate goal of sex. When women describe their best sexual experiences, they almost always express detailed descriptions of sensual acts such as kissing, touching or being looked at with desire. When you bring sensuality to a woman, you are catering to her body’s longings.

Women’s capacity for pleasure and orgasms is endless. While this sounds very promising, these possibilities can bring up performance anxiety for many women who worry that they need to have every type of orgasm and be able to ejaculate, etc. Women also fear that they take too long; while men are often trying to hold off on their orgasms as long as possible, women are generally rushing to the finish.

Women worry that men won’t appreciate them as sexual partners if they don’t have orgasms the way they think men want them to (i.e., during intercourse or without a vibrator) or quickly enough. Throughout history women suffered from sexual oppression and limitation around their orgasms; they were told that something was wrong with them if they couldn’t have what Freud referred to as “vaginal orgasms” and that clitoral orgasms were “immature.” We invite you to celebrate women for their full potential without putting pressure on them to prove that they can do it all. The pressure merely leads to women faking orgasms, making it even less likely that you learn how to give her pleasure and orgasm. You can support your partner by letting go of the hierarchy of orgasms and appreciating orgasms however and whenever they come in a sexual experience, as well as allowing women to have their choice around orgasm, since some women might not want to orgasm every time they have sex.

The three major types of orgasms – clitoral, G-Spot and cervical – each travel across a different set of nerves and therefore create a different sensation in the body. This also means that women can have combination orgasms, where two or three of the neuropathways are being activated. Next, we will explore how you can best help her reach each of these different types of orgasm…

You may also fear that bringing passionate energy will overwhelm a woman as though women are delicate and easily broken. This could cause you to hold back your passion, especially if you feel that you have too much or that it will not be received. On the contrary, most women’s bodies are strong enough to receive all the passion you have in your body for her and more. She may be surprised by it at first, which is why it takes confidence to stay with the feeling and not allow her embarrassment or surprise to pull you both out of it. Instead, with your passionate look and your focused confidence, you pull her into the hottest experiences you have ever had.

Passionate Words
Passion has to do with immediacy, intensity of desire, animalistic need, uncontrollable urges, and overwhelming feelings. Examples include:

  • Talking about how she brings out the animal in you: “I could eat you alive right now.”
  • Sharing the intensity of your physical need: “I can’t wait to be inside you.”
  • Telling her how strongly you feel about her: “When you are near me, my heart feels like it is going to explode.”
  • Talking about how her pleasure and her body delights you: “When I feel you come, energy shoots through my whole body; I could spend hours just licking and tasting you.”

Passionate Gestures

  • Throwing her up against a wall on a walk or at home and kissing and touching her passionately. (It can be great to do this in public sometimes as long as she is open to it; it means you can’t wait until you have her alone, you have to have her right now.)
  • Looking at her with an intensity of desire in your eyes like you can’t hold back any longer.
  • Shouting out your window, “I’m with the sexiest woman in the world and I want everyone to know it!”
  • Having a lovemaking session where you make sure that you kiss, lick, bite, smell or suck every inch of her body. Make sure you suck on her toes and fingers and don’t miss a single spot!

Often, when a man enters into an experience with a particular woman, he can attempt to avoid any perceived “negative” experiences and skirt around any challenges. This can result in the man being very outcome-driven, self-critical, judgmental or fearful,. This approach hinders the natural flow of energy between two people, and makes it much more likely that an interaction will end up feeling difficult, stilted and unsatisfactory.

A much more comfortable place from which to approach women – and the world in general – is from a place of curiosity. Curiosity is a way of looking at each new experience from a receptive, open place, without judgment or any sense of what the outcome might be. You just feel an experience in the moment. Taking this approach gives you an opportunity to see what you can learn about yourself and the women in your life.

This state of open curiosity need not only apply when you are connecting with a woman for the first time, but can be an ongoing approach. The beauty of curiosity is that it allows for the natural joys and challenges that happen over time between two people. An ongoing state of curiosity also acknowledges that either you or the woman you are interacting with can and will change over time. So often in relationships a desire to control the unknown leads to stagnation and boredom. An attitude of curiosity joyfully invites the unknown, making room for ongoing growth, excitement and passion between you and your partner.
In this chapter, we offer you information about women that might help you better understand their different psychology and biology. This information is general information that is true about most women. While we offer generalizations, make sure to stay curious about the unique ways that these show up in your partner.