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Love requires celebration! Celebration can only happen when you slow down and take time out of your busy schedule to delight in your connection with yourself and your partner. We live in a world that rewards endless striving and encourages personal disastisfaction and judgment of yourself and others. This continual and endless grind towards improvement sets us up for stress and disappointment and does not foster loving acceptance. Celebration is about recognizing this moment and looking at everything that is wonderful and great and amazing about yourself, your partner and your connection right now. It means taking a breather and acknowledging how far you have come, and, if you REALLY take it seriously, it means  living your life in the joy of celebration instead of the grind. In short, every day can be a celebration of love and life. If our saying that caused a spike of fear in your body and questions like, “If I take time and celebrate, will I ever be successful?” Our response to that is, “Will you ever feel a moment of success if you don’t take time and celebrate?” We invite you to think about it, create time to practice it, give us a call to talk about it and to create YOUR OWN PRIORITIES for you life and your love. Love requires celebration!

Thinking about the ingredients of a love sandwich…acceptance, celebration, integrity, openness and something meaty to bite into. More on that tomorrow…

Just about everyone has a fantasy or set of fantasies about what their best sexual experience would look like (your “movie”), yet, we rarely share these desires with our partner. Most people are scared to share their true fantasies of what their movie looks like – let’s face it, it is probably one of the most private and vulnerable risks you can take. At the same time, the payoff is IMMENSE!

You like Red movies, your partner likes Blue movies, every time you want to see a movie together, you compromise and see a Purple movie. The problem is, neither of you REALLY LOVES purple movies and you come home every time not quite satisfied. Many couple’s sex lives looks like this. If you are really lucky, your lover has a similar movie to you, but this is actually very rare. This month, we invite you to identify your movie, the character(s), the action, the set and, if you are coupled, we challenge you to share this deepest part of yourself with your partner. When you share there are two ESSENTIAL RULES:

1) NO JUDGEMENTS – Everyone’s fantasies are beautiful, whether or not you want to share in them.

2) YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO YOUR BOUNDARIES – While it is a beautiful gift to give your partner to really dive into the role of guest star in their movie, you also have a right to say which parts you are ready to try now, and which parts you might want to add in later. There may be some parts you never partake in, but we suggest you don’t shut the door to anything FOREVER, you never know, you might just change your mind… If you would like some help identifying and sharing your deepest desires, of becoming the writer, producer and director of your own beautiful movie, we are always available for individual and couple’s coaching.