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The Top 3 Mistakes Women Make In Dating and Relationship – Making Sex For Him

Our third of three posts outlining common issues that women face in dating and the top three mistakes we may make when facing these issues.

Mistake #3 – Making Sex for Him Instead of for You

Last but most definitely not least, women often experience the intensity and passion of the beginnings of sex with their partner but quickly lose interest in sex because they are going along with what their partner wants instead of really finding out for themselves what makes them tick sexually. Women are mostly told by our culture that sex is not for them, and so sex gets put on the back burner.

Women think that the men in their lives are also willing to put sex on the back burner and live without it. Then women feel hurt and surprised or are in denial when their partners turn to porn, paid sex or affairs. We believe this response is rooted in cultural lessons that teach women that sex is extraneous or frivolous as opposed to a core need. While there are also many women who want more sex and better sex in their relationship, there are few who are willing to follow through on finding out what THEY truly desire and then share it with their partners gently and openly. It is true that some men don’t want directions, however, many men are dying for women to tell them what they want so that they can give it to them.

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