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The Top 3 Mistakes Women Make In Dating and Relationships

Over the next three days we’ll be publishing some common issues women face in dating and top three mistakes we may make when we face these issues. Day 1 has to do with Mr. Right.

Mistake #1 is Waiting for Mr. Right

Most women have been taught through fairy tales and romance movies that meeting Mr. Right means everything will just click – he will know exactly what you want and give it to you. The idea that there is a “Mr. Right” is misleading and causes women to get very surprised when differences arise or their partner disappoints them in some way. The Mr. Right fantasy can also make women overlook all sorts of red flags if they feel a spark with someone.

In long-term relationships the Mr. Right fantasy can make women very complacent – trying to keep everything the same and stable instead of allowing themselves to grow and change in their needs and desires for fear that they will no longer be compatible with their Mr. Right. They also expect their partner to stay the same and get very angry when he changes. Finally, they let all of the wrongs pile up without confronting them, become resentful and decide that they simply have not found Mr. Right and it is time to start the search again.

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